Supernet Advertises at Karachi Airport

Supernet Advertises at Karachi Airport

Karachi, November 19, 2011 – Supernet Limited, the leading corporate data network, is now visible in vivid colour at the domestic terminal of Jinnah International Airport, Karachi. 


A backlit billboard featuring Supernet's branding is now installed at the walkway used by all domestic passengers going back and forth from Karachi.  (Photographs attached.)


The domestic air traffic at the Jinnah Airport is around 2.5 million passengers per annum.  A high proportion of these are the relevant target audience for Supernet's services; viz., key decision makers of corporate entities, or key influencers and users of corporate connectivity solutions.


The placement of the board is such that it is visible from both sides - i.e., both incoming and outgoing passengers would see it.  Moreover, the design and colours of the Supernet board are more striking than the other branding in the area, making it stand out in terms of visibility and recall.


Mr. Hamid Nawaz, SVP, Sales, Business Development and Operations, remarked "The attractive branding at the Karachi Airport is a very good step towards enhancing the image and building top of mind recall of the Supernet brand. We believe that such marketing initiatives will augment our business development efforts."


At the Domestic Walkway    




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