In today's communication dependent business environment, transfer of secure and reliable information is the key to success. SuperBroadband™ Service is the right solution for your business connectivity that delivers reliable and secure high speed connectivity.

SuperBroadband™ Service is the WiMax (IEEE 802.16e Standard) based service. It is the revolutionary service that is designed to overcome the recent challenges being faced by corporate sector with the connectivity over wired solutions.

Supernet has more than 15 years of experience in providing data connectivity solutions to all major industrial sectors of Pakistan. Supernet had introduced the Pre-WiMAX (IEEE 802.16a Standard) in Pakistan in January 2005 and since then Supernet has privileged to serve more than one hundred corporate customers throughout Pakistan.

SuperBroadband™ Service offers convenience, reliability and security, which are essential for business success. It can be quickly deployed at the customer site and hence reduces setup and installation time. It is based on the “Non-Real Time Polling / Packet Services” that ensures fixed contention-ratio based dedicated bandwidth availability to as many users as a Base Transceiver Station (BTS) may accommodate, ensuring 24x7 link connectivity, bandwidth availability, and data and Internet services. The BTSs are spread all over Karachi, ensuring full city-wide coverage.

Security in SuperBroadband™ Service is not only addressed through the existing security protocols but also from the fact that 3.5 GHz is a licensed frequency band thereby reducing the chances of interference

  • Carrier grade IP network backbone
  • Flexible and affordable pricing
  • Guaranteed and Secure Licensed Bandwidth
  • Bandwidth Upgrade and Downgrade Options
  • Customized Uplink and Down-link Facility
  • 24x7 Connectivity
  • Corporate Customer Support
  • Multi Service Flows
  • Use of OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) for superior NLOS (Near Line-of-Sight) coverage and OFDMA for efficient resource allocation.
  • Built-in QoS (Quality of Service) support traffic classification at Layer-2/3
  • Security features (AAA based authentication/authorization, support for encryption (3DES, AES, PKM)
  • Quick deployment and reliable service.
  • Use Advance redundant antennas for greater coverage.

  • High Speed Connectivity
  • Extensive City-wide Coverage
  • Licensed Frequency Band
  • Constant and Unlimited Internet usage
  • Opportunity for complete and cost-effective replacement of the incumbent operator
  • High quality of transfer, reliability and security guaranteed via own built infrastructure
  • Easy installation and portable terminal Equipment
  • Symmetric channel - the download speed is equal to the upload speed
  • 24-hour Helpdesk support
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