The SuperConnect service provides the higher bandwidth to support growing demand from applications. Graphical applications, file transfer, transaction processing and e-mail can all co-exist on the same network as well as working with multiple protocols to support legacy or complex systems with the same efficiency as newer applications. Bandwidth is fully scalable to accommodate unpredictable increases in demand.

  • National network with dedicated connections across Pakistan.
  • Seamless integration with other high speed networks such as IP.
  • State-of-the-art switching technology from respected vendors meeting all ITU (International Telecommunications Union) and FRF (Frame Relay Forum) standards.
  • Availability and quality of service are maintained by continuous network monitoring and 24-hour support from data communication experts.
  • Centralized support and troubleshooting capabilities.

Frame Relay
Supernet Frame Relay is a data transport service that uses packet-switching technology to route data over a public network. Frame Relay Service provides the speed and reliability of data private line services without the cost of a private network. Simple connections and low-cost equipment allow customers to use Frame Relay service to connect their LANs easily. As a result, customers gain the performance of a private network--but without the cost--while increasing flexibility and unifying their networks. Supernet’s offering is a premier service, running on a core fiber optic backbone to ensure customers optimal reliability and security.

A Frame Relay device divide data file into individual frames (packets), addresses each frame, and sends the frames onto the network. Supernet’s network encapsulates each frame and uses the address to determine routing. Each frame travels separately through the public network to its destination. Upon arrival, the Frame Relay device at the destination removes the address and reassembles the frames into the original data file.

Supernet’s Frame Relay allows many-to-many end-point connectivity between LANs and WANs and its bandwidth runs from 64 Kbps to 1.5 Mbps for port.

Frame Relay Service gives customers the following features:

  • Fewer points of failure - Frame Relay Service provides diverse routing options and reduces the number of ports and equipment customers need. With less equipment, customers have less vulnerability on the end-to-end network, yielding greater availability and reliability.
  • Flexible connectivity - Frame Relay Service allows many logical connections (permanent virtual connections, or PVCs) to share a single network interface. Customers have one physical interface for many links to your network.
  • Quick configuration and reconfiguration - Customers can quickly and efficiently modify connectivity within the frame relay network to support changing business requirements. Adding or changing PVCs is faster and simpler than building private lines and adding more equipment.
  • Streamlined network interface - Frame Relay is a simple technology, which makes its equipment less costly. Frame Relay usually requires fewer physical interfaces and circuits than a similar network using leased lines. Customers have less equipment, such as routers and DSUs/CSUs, to purchase and maintain.
  • Multiple speed ranges - Frame Relay Service offers customers a choice of transmission speeds. Port speeds range from 65 Kbps to 1538 Kbps. Customers choose the transport speeds that best support their network applications.

  • Low Delay and Predictable Response Time - Offering
  • Network Performance Assurance - Including closed loop congestion management to ensure that customers receive their CIR every time
  • Round-the-Clock Customer Care - Providing complete proactive service monitoring and operations support 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week to help ensure optimum network availability and performance
  • Unparalleled Network Design Support - Including specially trained nationwide Supernet network design consultants who design customer networks for optimal performance and reliability
  • Lower Hardware and Networking Costs - Reducing the number of required interfaces to link multiple locations
  • Cost Efficiency - Reducing the number of interfaces needed to link multiple locations, lowering customer's hardware and networking costs. Pricing is distance-insensitive, unlike leased lines, so customers can cost-effectively connect networks across the country


  • Competitive, flexible pricing options
  • Seamless nationwide connectivity
  • Diverse packages with capability of sub-rate access speeds from 128 Kbps onwards to accommodate customer requirements efficiently
  • Committed/Reserved Minimum Bandwidth
  • Burstable Maximum Bandwidth
  • Multiple Service Flows Capability i.e., the same link can support different applications.
  • 24*7*365 Connectivity
  • Customer Support (24*7*365)
  • Flexible service packages
  • Reliable and Flexible last mile options

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