A high quality, affordable and reliable VSAT service for end-to-end IP networks using Ku-Band communications satellites.

Supernet, an award winning service provider, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Telecard Limited, a licensed domestic and international long distance operator. Supernet is a pioneer in the field of providing integrated data connectivity solutions for the corporate entities and offers a one-window operation for all corporate communication needs.

Supernet has an extensive nationwide network, an experienced team and an excellent track record of delivering world-class service.

  • Over seventeen years of experience deploying similar networks
  • One source for fully integrated local to global communications needs
  • Operational flexibility for affordable, reliable and efficient solutions
  • Solid international partnerships
  • Consistent network with built in redundancy
  • 24 x 7 x 365 redundant Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Nationwide footprint for providing fast services
  • Multiple service flow capability i.e., the same link can support different applications
  • Unsurpassed reliability backed up by industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

SuperDirect is a Ku-Band, satellite based, end-to-end IP VSAT service running on the world renowned iDirect Technologies platform.

Supernet has a highly scalable and flexible 5 IF Hub from iDirect designed to support multiple out-routes and inroutes, while simultaneously operating on five (5) different communications satellites. Currently, the SuperDirect service is offered from three (3) different satellites. In the Ku-Band, Supernet uses the PAKSAT-1R satellite located at 38o E.L. and the NSS-6 satellite located at 95o E.L. The C-Band service uses the ChinaStar-1 satellite located at 87.5o E.L.

From its Hub in Karachi, Supernet supports multiple customers from various sectors, including Airline & Transportation, Banking, United Nations’ Organizations, Telecom Providers, Government Departments, Manufacturing, Logistics, Construction, Mining, Education and Oil & Gas.

The SuperDirect service uses star topology, consisting of a Hub and multiple remotes. The last mile connection between the Supernet Hub and the customer’s central site is established by using multiple transmission mediums (line-of-sight microwave radio or fiber optic network) to ensure resiliency. The SuperDirect service is ideally suited for networks with bursty traffic that follow a hub-to-spoke model. It can be easily configured to deliver application QoS and other traffic engineered solutions to users. The SuperDirect remote consists of a 1.2 m Ku-Band VSAT antenna, a PLL LNB and a 3000 or 5000 series satellite modem from iDirect Technologies.


  • Support all IP centric applications
  • Built-in TCP Optimization (TCP and HTTP)
  • Supports real time traffic management
  • Up to 18 Mbps downstream (Hub to Remote)
  • Up to 4.2 Mbps Upstream (Remote to Hub)
  • Rapid bandwidth  allocation
  • Configurable data rates
  • Group QoS Supported
  • Ensure the highest level of network access for all users
  • Superior error correction techniques eliminate weather related performance degradation
  • Automatic End-to-End power control
  • Reliable hardware
  • Latest iDirect iDx software
  • Simple and easy to use remote management
  • Centralized software updates
  • 1.2 m Ku-Band VSAT antenna for the remote site
  • High powered Ku-Band satellites
  • 24 x 7 x 365 customer service and support
  • Expert engineering team with years of experience in designing similar networks
  • Regional coverage

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