SuperLink+ uses a dedicated sattellite communications link to establish a Wide Area Network (WAN) connection between two remote sites. The user gets permanently assigned bandwidth with fixed data rate and a static set of transmission parameters. The service uses single channel per carrier (SCPC) links in both directions for full-duplex (two-way) applications that can be configured symmetrically or asymmetrically. The links are delivered via a serial interface at the baseband, which is available in a variety of formats to accommodate a broad range of data rates.

SuperLink+ is the most efficient solution for bandwidth intensive applications because it does not have any overhead. SuperLink+ circuits are ideally suited for point-to-point, two way requirements. The communications satellite, located at 35,000 km above the surface of the earth, acts as a repeater and bounces the high-frequency microwave signals between the two earth stations. SCPC technology allows customers to use a separate carrier on each channel. Consequently, transmissions are sent to the chosen satellite continuously on a single satellite carrier and received at a single location, creating a secure point-to-point system.

SuperLink+ service is widely used by private GSM service providers for GSM backhaul services. Supernet has over fifteen years of experience in deploying SuperLink+ services in Pakistan and abroad. Supernet’s customers include local and foreign Banks, giants from the Oil & Gas industry, Cellular operators, Government sector users and the representatives of the manufacturing industry.

  • Dedicated Permanent service - irrespective of the application and bandwidth utilization, the SuperLink+ circuit is committed to the customer on a full-time basis
  • Multiple Data Rates – data rate flexibility and granularity with typical steps of 64 Kbps increments
  • Full Bandwidth Availability at all times during the service term
  • The most efficient solution in bandwidth utilization, for high traffic utilization service
  • Mature Technology – highly dependable technology, having been implemented in multiple scenarios, and an unmatched record of availability and stability across the board
  • Easily upgradeable- Links can be upgraded on a very short notice
  • Reliable with minimum points of failure
  • High Network Availability- 99.97% average annual availability
  • Rapid Deployment: Easy and fast deployment. A key advantage for geographically remote locations

  • Over ten years of experience in deploying SuperLink+ circuits in Pakistan and abroad
  • Experience in using multiple satellites (AsiaSat2, ThaiCom3, JSAT, INTELSAT, ChinaStar, AsiaSat4; ST-1, Paksat) in both C and Ku-Band frequencies
  • Experience in deploying earth stations of varying sizes for different data rates supporting multiple applications
  • Superior Customer service 24x7x365 NOC
  • Availability of in-country spares
  • Nationwide presence to support immediate deployment and support services
  • Ability to deliver affordable International circuits all over the world using partner networks


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